4-Chain customized high-end powerful single-board computer developed in Israel

Main Technical Specifications

  • Poweful CPU: 1.8Ghz Quad-Core ARM Cortex – A17 – 32 bit
  • GPU: Mali T764 @ 600Mhz
  • OS: Linux, Android Chrome OS


4-Chain is an electronic system design company, customized single-board computer developer located in Israel.

4-Chain develops, designs, distributes & manufactures customized HMI (human-machine interfaces & single-board computers, LCD touch panels & screens) on Linux, Android, Chrome OS operating systems. 

The products designed by 4-Chain are customized according to any customer requirements.

4-Chain customizedSingle Board Computer is a powerful high-end SBC controller embedded into customer appliances, devices, machines or added externally. 

It can be customized in size, screen size, required ports & I/O connectors, services, there are industrial & ruggedized versions available.

The system is designed to be used with additional modules: cameras,  additional cooling fans, LED matrix, provides native wireless connectivity via WiFi & Bluetooth or an additional separate cellular module.

The lifecycle of the embedded SBC developed by 4-Chain can be secured to fit the lifecycle of the customer system.

Applications of Embedded SBC

  • Integrated Embedded Controller
  • Centralized Controller
  • Medical Industry
  • Security Systems
  • IOT – Internet of things
  • Industrial Automations
  • Robotics Industry
  • Military Industry
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Smart Home Systems
  • Smart Office Systems
  • Retail Automations

Additional customizations

  • Industrial Grade SBC Version
  • Ruggedized SBC Version
Size100 x70x25 mm
Connector to screen + touch -Size Dimension + RGB parallel+i2c Connectors for screen and touch screen (optional HDI)800x480 and 1920x 1200 pixels
Input voltage5v, 12v, 24v
Flash Memory EMMC8GB/16GB
Life time 5 years
Std for sub systemUL94 -V0
Std for integratedUL508
Operating SystemOperation system Linux Debian/Ubumtu with GUI
BrowserChromium browser
Programmable language Dot net platform. C# Win
Multi Language20 language
Free USB port2
port Ethernet -RJ451 x 100Base-T, 1 x 1000Base-T
Serial connection RS 2321
Speed Minimum capacity minimum 1.6GHZ
Power of controller (Watts)3
Power of touchscreen (Watts)3
Operating Temperature0 - 80
RTC (real time clock) connected to Back up lithium battery Life time without power. We can design external5 years
The battery has to locate on seat replace without electric tool.
Wi-Fi communication 2.4GHz1
1 x OTG UART Debug
1 x Head Phone,1x Mic.
Audio output Support 5W 8Ω dual-channel power amplifier - our design
Embedded Single Board Computer supports keyboard
Embedded Single Board Computer supports mouse

Customized High-End Single Board Computer - the scematics


ceo of 4-Chain israel

Shai Yanai has extensive experience in electronic components distribution procurement and supply chain management. As well as leading System Design and full turn-key projects.

Shai’s excellent business skills in both international and domestic sales have helped bring forth much of 4-Chain’s success.

Shai is well versed in the resale, excess and shortages fields and takes great pride in his outstanding customer support oriented approach. Shai thoroughly enjoys establishing new connections in the business world and invests his time searching for new opportunities for growth for his company.

Shai Yanai 4-Chain SBC & Electronics Supplier in Israel
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