Looking to buy Electronic Components?

4-Chan can find for you ANY PART NUMBER, please contact us to get a quote.

Electronic Components Supplier

4-Chain electronics supplier, high-end Single Board Computer SBC developer, custom electronics design

4-Chain is a one-stop shop for all your buying, selling, reselling and logistics needs in the IT and electronic component fields. 

4-Chain is known as a first responder for a wide spectrum of customers from a range of industries. Our unique expertise lies in speedy solutions to make sure your company can continue to carry out daily operations without ever having to skip a beat.

Customized powerful embedded SBC Controller developed by 4-Chain

Active / passive / FPGA, superior worldwide sourcing services offer customers accelerating global inventory, supporting both immediate demand fulfillment, stock and schedule of obsolete products, kitting bills of material, cost savings, and more.

CPU, Optical Cables, Memory Modules, Storage Drives, GPU, SFP/QSFP

Design Human-Machine Interface, Single Board Computer, Touch Screen LCD
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